About Us

Our Vision
The Luciano Group provides executives in the Global Telecommunications, Payments, and Mobile Commerce industries with management and operational consulting services. Our vision is to be a leading provider of strategic and tactical programs that create for our clients new sources of revenue, increased profits, and improved operational efficiency and performance.


Our Value
The Luciano group brings significant value to its clients, including:

  • Highly Experienced Management Team
    The six partners in the Luciano Group have all been senior executives charged with managing a major component of a telecommunications service with the top Telco’s in the world.  As a result we have extensive personal and professional relationships in the telecommunication industry’s international, domestic, mobile and executive communities.
  • Emphasis on Operational “Best Practices”
    Best Practices allow you to benefit from the hundreds of millions of dollars that the industry has spent developing efficient operating methods.  We can review your operations and tell you if your competitors are more (or less) efficient.
  • Physical Locations in the Center of the Telecommunications Industry
    With offices in the United States and the Europe, The Luciano Group has strategically placed offices globally and can offer its services to your company, wherever you are in the world.
  • Strategy to Maximize Profits
    A fundamental premise of our consulting strategy is profit maximization.  While growth and success can be measured in numerous categories, we believe that no product or service is valuable unless our work results in new profit for our client.
  • Close Ties to Decision Makers Around the World
    The partners of the Luciano Group have worked with executive level managers from the top 500 telecom companies in the world.  If you need to make a contact or get a deal done, contact us.

Our History
The Luciano Group originated from Tom Luciano’s one-man consulting firm in 2003.  Founded as International Telecommunications Strategies and Solutions (“INTTSS”), Tom worked with some of the top-tier telecommunications companies in the world.  It wasn’t long before he needed help managing the volume of client requests, creating the need to expand the number of experienced executives in his group.  GW Tracker Servce was launched in 2006 as the premium wholesale tracking product. The service provides market tracking and benchmark data in minutes, revenue, market share, route level pricing, gross margin, and four different network metrics (ASR, ALOC. NER, and ABR).  In 2012, there are 18 major global wholesale carriers as members and collectively they represent 80% of all international wholesale minutes sold in the world.

In 2009, The Luciano Group created its Mobile Commerce division under David W. Schropfer.  This division quickly grew to become the largest divion in our consulting business, serving some of strongest emerging companies in this sector.  In 2011, GV Tracker Service was launched to track the growth rates of all international minutes sold to over 230 countries and territories.  The eight charter members of GV Tracker Service represent 30% of all paid international voice minutes sold in the world.  Both GWTracker and GV Tracker Service provide on-line access to 24 months of historical data so members can quickly create graphic charts on any tracked category for either service.

Today, The Luciano Group offers an extensive array of products and services to some of the biggest clients in the world, including the unique GW Tracker product, and we are growing.