GW Tracker

GW Tracker

The Luciano Group’s core product offering is a market tracking service called “GWTracker” dedicated to the Global Wholesale Voice Market.

This is the only product in the world that allows its clients to understand their market share, price, revenue share, gross margin and  benchmark network quality metrics for ASR, ALOC, NER, and ABR against other major carriers. GWTracker is a member-based service for global wholesale voice suppliers.  GWTracker provides a member with monthly benchmarking data  provided in   1) a detailed GWTracker Monthly report which tracks 1200+ wholesale routes, 2)  a GWTracker 3 Month Executive Summary Report, and 3)  access 24 X 7  to the  GWTracker   data base to create monthly trend  charts at either the route, country, region, or world level.   Currently, 16 top telecom companies in the world are using this product and they represent 70% of all global wholesale mintues.   Data stored and used by these services is extremely secure, accessible only by subscribers and by direct employees of these products. Even our consultants cannot access this data without a specific request from the client.   Please visit web site for  more information about the service.

GV Tracker

GW Tracker is the most recent market tracking service launched in April, 2011 and focused on the monthly historical growth rates for all international minutes (wholesale +retail + wireless+ commercial) terminating in 230+ countries of the world.

The goal of GV Tracker is to build an accurate, timely, and data-rich source of information to understand the growth trends in the total international voice market.  The traditional “growth as usual” model for international voice is being impacted by a host of new technologies, competitive alternatives, and social trends.  Texting, Skype, VoIP calling, Facebook, Google voice, and tablet PC have already changed how customers are using international voice calling in their business and personal lives.

Global Voice Tracker was created through the participation of eight  major global carriers: AT&T, BICS, iBasis, FT, KDDI, Tata, Telenor, and Telecom Italia.  Each member uploads their monthly outbound international voice minutes to all 230+ countries, segmented by fixed and mobile terminations into the GV Tracker data base.  In addition, the members provide a two year historical record of their outbound international minutes to immediately permit analysis of annual country level  growth rate trends.   GV Tracker members receive    1) a detailed GV Tracker quarterly report which tracks 230+ countries subdivided by fixed and mobile,  and 2)  access 24 X 7  to the  GV Tracker   data base to create monthly trend  charts at either the country, region, or world level.  Together, this group represents 30% of the world’s outbound international voice minutes, which is already a statistically valid sample of the global market.  Please visit web site for  more information about the service.

If you are a current GWT or GVT subscriber and would like more information on how The Luciano Group can help you maximize results from your GV or GW Tracker report, click here.

GW Tracker, GV Tracker, and The Luciano Group are all owned and operated by the same parent company: INTTSS, LLC.

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