Consulting Services

Mobile Commerce – Maximizing the Potential

Mobile payments, mobile commerce, and mobile identity have remarkable potential to become new profit centers. The essential challenges of these sectors include ensuring that your company understands the profit potential, the technology, and the right financial models. Other issues such as EMV, Near-Field Communication (NFC), Trusted Service Management (TSM), Host Card Emulation (HCE), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), biometrics, and physical interconnections with your partners will require close study in each market. We can also share our ongoing analysis of leading market players like Apple, Gemalto, Google, Isis, PayPal, Serve, Square, Verifone and many others.  Leading the mobile commerce practice at the Luciano Group is David W. Schropfer.

Strategy Development and Implementation

Does your business have what it takes to win – today and tomorrow? The Luciano Group has a proven track record of helping companies by applying our Strategy Development and Implementation process. We can evaluate your industry segment, market position, current and emerging technologies, customer relationships, and benchmark your strengths and weaknesses versus the industry.  Our core industry expertise includes mobile payments, mobile commerce, mobile security, mobile identity, and wholesale telecom.  This process includes:

  • Assessing strategic plans, and market strategies
  • Benchmark strategic pans against industry trends
  • Identify and analyze opportunities and liability gaps
  • Develop action plans for high performance
  • Implementation and Life Cycle Management

Accelerated Market Entry Strategies

The Luciano Group is helping many new, growing, and established companies develop entry strategies, roadmap planning, and new market execution for the mCommerce, mobile security, mobile identity, and telecom industries. Our understanding of these sectors, coupled with our industry contacts, can help companies quickly validate their strategies and begin to enter new markets. We have also partnered with clients to develop U.S. market entry or expansion plans, and implement initial revenue phases.

Legal and Regulatory Support

Government regulation can be one of the most expensive and profit limiting factors affecting the payments, mobile, and telecom sectors. Factors such as national, state, and international treaty obligations, new regulation related to the internet and net neutrality, etc., have the ability to impact your company’s growth. The Luciano Group has executive experience in dealing with the impacts of regulatory change, and we offer the client detailed knowledge of telecommunications industry regulations, advice, and subject matter expertise in litigation cases.