International Voice Showing Strong Growth in 2012

Over 56% of all countries experienced growth in 2012 international voice minutes for the first three quarters of 2012.

International voice traffic for the first three quarters of 2012 was 8% greater than the same period in 2011 according to Global Voice Tracker, our independent industry tracking service. This is double the 4% annual growth rate the industry experienced last year.

Terminating minute volumes showed growth to nearly all regions of the world, with the Indian Subcontinent, Africa, and Middle East exhibiting the largest percentage gains. These increases offer a positive sign that the global recession may be ending.
Traditional international voice has been under assault from a host of new technologies and social trends, such as free calling, texting, and social media. This 2012 data may be an indication that international voice telephony still represents a growth product for global telecom carriers. However, it is important to note that nearly all of the increase is occurring in the wholesale sector as many traditional carriers are showing little to no growth in retail minutes.
GV Tracker research indicates that 56% of all countries exhibited growth in international termination minutes and 44% showed a decline. 131 countries demonstrated an increase for the first three quarters (average + 12% growth rate), while 102 countries experienced a decrease averaging more than – 8%.

Over 58% of all international calls were terminated on Mobile Phones according to the latest data from GV Tracker.

The data also indicates that 58% of international calling terminates into a mobile phone.

Global Voice Tracker utilizes the actual calling volumes from participating global carriers who report their international voice minutes terminating to all countries each month. The data is subdivided by fixed versus mobile terminations and wholesale versus non-wholesale in order to monitor traffic changes and highlight overall industry trends.


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