Tom Luciano

Tom Luciano, Managing Partner

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Tom Luciano is the founder and President of The Luciano Group including its subsidiaries: GWTracker Service, GV Tracker Service and International Telecom Strategies and Solutions LLC.

Tom is an expert in understanding the international telecom industry. He has 18 years of international operational experience in achieving significant margin improvement for AT&T. Coupled with 33 years background with AT&T in Engineering, Regulatory, Sales, and Product Management, he has a unique ability to understand the market dynamics and translate that into actionable cost savings and profit generating programs. Some of the highlights of Tom’s career include:

» Managed and led AT&T’s carrier bilateral negotiations with over 400 carriers in 200 countries for 17 years and reduced expenses by several billions of dollars through broad cost improvement initiatives

» Managed international voice products; Switched and Dedicated Transit, Hubbing services, VOIP – Clearinghouse, and World Billing Services.

» Managed AT&T’s international least cost routing operations with over 1 billion minutes per year.

» Managed 3 offshore voice switched businesses in Netherlands, Guatemala, and Chile.

» Key Expert in FCC regulation and policy related to international voice traffic. Championed FCC adoption of Settlement Rate Benchmark Order.

» Led the international settlements group for AT&T’s and BT’s joint venture business (Concert) from 2000 to 2002 which managed partner’s US and UK voice business.

» Joined AT&T’s Data Network Organization in 2003 to lead supplier negotiations for building AT&T’s Global Data Network with strategic suppliers in 50 countries.


Tom founded The Luciano Group to provide products and services to executives operating in the international telecom service market. Industry downsizing has produced both a business need for short-term project expertise as well as a talent pool of industry consultants to draw upon. The Luciano Group is focused on meeting that need for the International Telecom Service market.

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